Keep track of which episode to watch next
for all your favourite TV shows.

TuVu watching shows

Whether you are watching on DVD, Blu-Ray, cable, satellite or streaming,
TuVu stores all your viewing progress in one place.

TuVu show summary

Clearly see your progress for each show.

Quickly access;

  • The next episode details.
  • Full show information.
  • Browsing for all seasons.
  • The shows main actors.
TuVu show seasons

Easily check-off single episodes, whole seasons or even all previous episodes.

  • Check-off episodes as you watch them from the 'Watching' list.
  • Mark whole seasons as watched from the 'Seasons' list.
  • Check individual episodes or all previous episodes from the 'Episodes' list.

The choice is yours.

TuVu menus

Organise all your shows with folders.

  • Keep all your current shows in 'Watching'.
  • Sort them alphabetically or by last watched.
  • When you've watched a whole season, move it to 'Archive' until you are ready to start watching again.
  • Finished watching a show? Then move it to 'Trash' - you can always bring it back later or delete it completely.
TuVu show, epsode and actors